About the Project

There has never been greater recognition among humanities scholars of the need to engage the public with our work. The challenge now is to ensure that any engagement is high-quality, meaningful, and does not dilute or distort our disciplines. Literary Studies faces particular challenges here, not least the requirement to read texts, including long and/or complex ones. Whether finding ways to stimulate new interest in literature, or equipping the already-reading public with the tools needed to negotiate and appreciate textual, theoretical, conceptual, and methodological complexities, researchers have a difficult task.

But the discipline is rich with potential, and literary scholars are increasingly finding innovative solutions. This project aims to progress public engagement in Literary Studies by exploring ideas and issues specific to the discipline, and by training 10 promising ECRs working in the field.

An intensive, interactive two-day workshop in January 2018, led by experts with a record of excellence, will provide knowledge, skills, and mentoring to enable individual and meaningful engagement projects; the subsequent network of ECRs will then meet for a one-day session in February 2018 to collaborate on a future engagement event.

For more information about this project, please contact Dr James Underwood.